How To Find Inner Space

How To Find Inner Space

How To Find Inner Space

I was featured and photographed by The Inner West Courier in their Tuesday November 4th 2014 publication.

A daily meditation session with her Cavoodle Leonardo is a far cry from the hectic, face-paced lifestyle Noula Diamantopoulos led as a corporate executive in the oil and gas business. But about 20 years ago, as she was catapulting along a steep career path and travelling all over the world, she woke up and thought “What am I doing?” Now aged 56, Diamantopoulos only returns to the corporate world to run team development programs through her business

Otherwise she follows her calling as an artist and meditation expert. On November 11 she is offering a free meditation workshop in conjunction with her solo exhibition at Artereal Gallery. Called Inhale, the works are images of the universe which "seek to examine our awakening and arrival on the planet, serving as an ideal backdrop for a group meditation workshop."
Diamantopoulos said: "The idea is to take you to another place and give you the opportunity to reflect. Meditation can help people get into a different state and become more engaged with the experience."

Starting in February 2015, noula will be running From Meditation to Manifestation, a free Meditation for beginners program once a month.

The intention of this program is to engage you with the benefits of meditation, and to understand how these practices can be integrated into your personal and work life to reduce stress, improve concentration and practice mindfulness. From this session designed specifically for beginners to meditation, you will come away with many resources to further explore and continue your meditative journey.

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