Mindfulness & Creativity

Mindfulness & Creativity

Mindfulness & Creativity

I was interviewed by FBi Radio to talk about Mindfulness & Creativity, aired on Sunday 8th February 2015.

Canvas is FBi's weekly arts program hosted by artist and curator, Frances Barrett. Each week the team brings you interviews, public lectures and critical conversations that aim to document Australian artistic practice, create conversation around international and national dialogues on creative practice, and promote provocative local projects.

This week Canvas aired an excerpt from a panel discussion organised by Cabinet on how, why & if we can laugh at rape jokes with Jamieson Webster, Vanessa Place, Jeff Dolven & Gayle Salamon; Ruby Castagnet looks at the links between mindfulness & creativity at Artereal Gallery; & aired conversation on the state of Australian art & politics from the Australian Theatre Forum between Indonesian poet Goenawan Mohamad, artist Vernon Ah Kee, Creative Producer Stephen Armstrong & critic Van Badham. All the music across the program was curated by holographic artist Vaughan O'Connor who created an intense soundtrack exploring Material & Immaterial Labour with the work of Samuel Kerridge, HTRK and Cakedog.

Watch this video to listen to my FBi Radio interview

To listen to the whole Canvas segment, click here.

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