Wisdom Reinvented

Wisdom Reinvented

Wisdom Reinvented

I was interviewed and photographed by Prevention Magazine Australia for their October 2014 issue.

“Wisdom Reinvented” is about seven women, from seven different cultures, who all share a universal zest for life and an outlook on ageing that redefines the word inspiration.

By Cecily-Anna Bennett, Photography by Nick Scott

Noula Diamantopoulos, 56, Greek

How do I feel about getting older? I’m really happy to be on this planet for every breath I take. Ageing is not an issue for me. I don’t have any fear about it or preconceived ideas about how I have to be at a certain age. I just live. Of course I look into the mirror sometimes and think, ‘Hmmm, that’s not quite the same face as it used to be’. Some things have changed, but I haven’t. I’m just happy to be here, to have experiences and go on this journey.

I don’t want many things anymore. There was a time in my career where I’d fight for everything - to show people who I was and what I could do. I don’t talk about those things now. I am very present - my energy speaks for itself. I’m at a place where i’m very strongly guided to be of service on this planet through my art and workshops (www.spontaneouscreativity.com.au) My big thing is to help people open up their creativity - after all, it’s infinite. I often find that when people first come to see me, they don’t recognise that they harbour beliefs about ‘creativity’ that are preventing them from accessing their own. But everyone is creative - from how you dress to how you interact with others. It all comes down to creativity. It’s not just about talent.

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