Love Shouldn’t Hurt

'Love Shouldn't Hurt' is a campaign I have been honoured to be a part of. Collaborating with Two Good Co, American Express and Deliveroo providing wholesome, nutritious, and much-needed meals to women in domestic violence refuges.

The artwork, depicts the face of Felicity Cook, a domestic violence survivor. It is comprised of 20,000 jar lids, symbolic of the 20,000 meals that will be provided to women in need.

Speaking as an artist and psychotherapist, domestic violence, too many times remains hidden and silent.

This artwork, in its simplicity, seeks to strike a chord, to strip away the make up and the cover ups and to reveal the underlying black and white facts. There is no justification for domestic violence. Love shouldn’t hurt.

You can be a part of this campaign too! Simply use your American Express card to purchase any meal through Deliveroo, and a Two Good meal will be donated on your behalf. Together, we are #deliveringgood.

Video Credit: American Express Australia

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