QUEST Performance Artwork

QUEST is an emotive, expressive, psychological & philosophical visual performance that QUEST-ions the way we inquire life.

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair

From 19th - 22nd September 2013, I performed QUEST at the inaugural Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, which took place at Carriageworks, Eveleigh. My QUEST performance was selected as part of 'Director's Choice' - the performance program curated by the Art Fair Director Barry Keldoulis. I had the opportunity to perform an endurance QUEST throughout the entire duration of the Fair - all day, every day the Fair was open to the public. Over the 3.5 days, I QUESTed for a total of 28 hours. There were over 28,000 visitors to the Art Fair, and over 150 QUESTs were completed.

Melbourne Art Fair

From 13th - 17th August 2014, I performed QUEST at the Melbourne Art Fair, which took place at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton, Victoria. After the success of QUEST at Sydney Contemporary Art Fair 2013, I was invited to perform again in Melbourne, for the entire duration of the Fair. Over the 4.5 days, I QUESTed for a total of 38 hours, and there were over 2,000 QUESTions shared.

SOR/U with Dogus University

On Tuesday 19th November 2013, I performed my first intercontinental QUEST, entitled SOR/U. This special QUEST performance was organised in collaboration with the Arts & Design Faculty of Doğuş University in Istanbul, Turkey. 'SOR/U' means 'ask' or 'question' in Turkish. Similar to my glowing pink space at Artereal Gallery, Doğuş University also created a pink room for their participants to QUEST with me. The QUEST was performed via Skype video and a shared online document, in which the participants and I could digitally handwrite our QUESTions to each other. The QUESTions were shared were in a mixture of English and Turkish. I also had a live audience in the gallery watching the performance, as there were two large TV screens set up in the Gallery - one streaming the Skype video of the participants in Turkey, and the other showing our handwritten dialogue of QUESTions. The performance went for 2.5 hours, and 100 QUESTions were shared over 10 participants.

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