Holistic Psychotherapy & Coaching

Services Psychotherapy
As humans we have a drive to create – to do more and to be more. We go to university to gain knowledge and throughout our careers we continue to build our skill sets so we can offer more and, in return, be more. Somewhere throughout this process, you might find a place where you feel comfortable and confident in your career; you’ve put in the work, and you’ve gotten there – wherever there is.

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Corporate Creative Interventions

Services Creative Interventions
The corporate workplace is a race to do, and can offer little room for contemplation or reflection on how to be. Our personal development and growth are pursued outside work – if we have enough energy left over to do so! What if the corporate environment could be the best place for personal growth? What if your current workplace served your team, so that your team can best serve the workplace?

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Creativity Coaching & Facilitating

Services Creativity Coaching
My Creativity Coaching sessions are specifically created to assist you in all matters regarding your creativity - whether that be to overcome a block, to set goals/intentions, or to simply have me as a buddy along your creative art journey. The intention is that you do not have to create extra time to make space for me. The intention is that it is affordable. And the intention is that we have ongoing dialogue.

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Public Artworks

Services Public Artworks
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