Creativity Coaching & Facilitating

Creativity Coaching & Facilitating

Creativity Coaching

My Creativity Coaching sessions are specifically created to assist you in all matters regarding your creativity - whether that be to overcome a block, to set goals/intentions, or to simply have me as a buddy along your creative art journey.

All Creativity Coaching sessions are done online via Skype and email only. The intention is that you do not have to create extra time to make space for me. The intention is that it is affordable. And the intention is that we have ongoing dialogue. These Creativity Coaching sessions are not psychotherapy sessions or life coaching sessions - those kinds of Coaching sessions I offer will remain the same.

These Creativity Coaching sessions assist you to set intentions, and you will have work to do in between. I buddy/coach you throughout the duration of 1 month, to assist you in achieving your intentions and maybe even sometimes the process of clarifying your intentions.

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