Holistic Psychotherapy & Coaching

Holistic Psychotherapy & Coaching

Holistic Psychotherapy Practice

In my psychotherapy practice I bring DBT, EMDR, Mindfulness and Trauma informed and somatic informed skills as well as
creative processes to support people who suffer with complex PTSD, Domestic Violence, DID and BPD. I also support clients experiencing any sort of stress in their lives that prevents them living a fulfilling life.

My process is gentle, compassionate, at times humorous and effective. My person centred approach means that we will journey together and create a healing process that suits and empowers you. Hence my many ways of creating a well being approach specifically for you, may include developing a mindfulness practice, introducing you to the teachings from neuroscience and how the amygdala affects our body, suggesting books and articles for you to read, teaching you skills to cope and be in control of emotions and triggers. The process is to feel whole and to know and to experience new ways to navigate the challenges that you are faced with. My holistic approach means we can also look at your sleeping and exercise and eating habits as well as mental well being.
PACFA Reg. Provisional 23275

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Coaching Practice

As humans we have a drive to create – to do more and to be more. We go to university to gain knowledge and throughout our careers we continue to build our skill sets so we can offer more and, in return, be more. Somewhere throughout this process, you might find a place where you feel comfortable and confident in your career; you’ve put in the work, and you’ve gotten there – wherever there is. It is at this precise place that you may come to wonder – isn’t there still more? But this question cannot be answered by more ‘upskilling’. This question goes deeper. It’s now about you.

Your journey is now about knowing who you are and developing your unique innate gifts. These are beyond the talents and skills that you developed for your career. These are your unique qualities that are waiting to be brought forward and validated by you. But how do you take this next step? A Holistic Personal Development Coach can be your guide and your companion to help you discover this new pathway.

Personal development, growth and transformation will happen throughout your life, if you let it.

Since beginning coaching personal development in 2005, my clients have included corporate executives, managers who are stuck in a role that no longer challenges them, young managers seeking to make their mark on the world through their career, and people who have retired from a life-long career and are now uncertain what to do next.

Throughout my personal journey I have been a corporate executive in the Oil and Gas Industry, with a career in Taxation Management, following a Bachelor of Business. In 1997 I changed careers, becoming a qualified psychotherapist and a creativity facilitator, focusing on professional development programs for corporate individuals and teams.

A personal development coach can make an enormous difference to your life, if you find the right one. Not sure if I’m the coach for you? Well, that’s a simple fix. Call me on (02) 9818-7471 so we can explore working together. You will quickly get an idea of my approach and my personality. You could also read my testimonials to find out more how Holistic Personal Development Coaching has helped other people like you. Don’t be shy – your future you will thank you for it!

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